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Aqua Staffing can source, interview and shortlist the best candidates for your facilities and present it to you for hire. 

You can choose to directly hire the individual on your payroll, or contract-hire initially to evaluate a candidate to make sure he or she is a good fit for your organization.

Water and Wastewater Staffing Services 

Staffing Services for Employers

Aqua Staffing is a boutique staffing agency that specializes in providing temporary or short-term staffing services to public and private water and wastewater agencies using contract staffing model. From time to time facilities need to fill in the staffing gaps when an employee goes on extended leave due to injury, short-term disability, or leaves to pursue another job opportunity.

Aqua Staffing's certified consultants can help fill in these gaps so that the business continues as usual and a long-term permanent position can be back-filled with the candidate that is the best fit for your facility.

You can maintain a month to month agreement with Aqua Staffing and call us for filling in your positions on an as needed basis with pre-established rates. You contact us when you need us!! 

Water and Wastewater Staffing Services!