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Aqua Staffing, a boutique staffing firm (temp agency) in the water and wastewater industry, offers candidates access to great job opportunities. As a consultant/associate with Aqua Staffing, you can make supplemental income and enjoy the flexibility to travel and work or choose your own work schedule.  You may choose from contract, contract-to-hire or permanent positions. 

Supplemental Income (Put your Certifications to Work)

Retired Personnel 

If you are a retired individual from a public and private agency we can help you find temporary or long-term assignments to supplement your retirement income. You can get paid industry competitive wages for temp services based on your skill set and can choose to work 1-12 months in a year. Other advantages of working as a contract employee would be to have an option to travel and work in different parts of the state or country depending on the reciprocity of your certification at no cost to you. 

Close to Retirement or Maxed-out on your Pension Benefit 
If you are someone that fits this profile and want to add another source of income, please contact us so that we can help you retire early. You will continue to get paid your pension from the public agency and in addition make a salary equivalent to what you were making pre-retirement; essentially doubling up your disposable income. You can easily increase your retirement nest egg or use that money to pursue hobbies you have been thinking for years to do. 

Currently Employed 

If you are a current employee within the water or wastewater industry, we can help you find temporary assignments with other agencies or contract operations to supplement your existing income. If your current work schedule is 4-10s then you can choose to work other 2-3 days a week or month with another water or wastewater agency and continue to make use of valuable certification. For employees working with public agencies, you can work for another public agency through Aqua Staffing, or work with private contract operations without affecting your benefits. Employees working for private contract operations companies can work for public agencies through us and be hassle free.  

Job Preparation
For job seekers looking for permanent placements utilizing staffing agencies, we at Aqua Staffing prepare you at each step of the hiring process, from interview to placement. We use our proven interview techniques to help you get the jobs you are qualified for and match you to those jobs. 

If you are interested in making supplemental income and enjoy doing what you love to do, please fee free to contact us at  or call us at 1-888-257-9078

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